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12/2/2020 - One Chapter Ends, Another Begins!

Hey Patreon Fam –

This past couple weeks have had a couple crazy points of interest I wanted to share with the community:

I think it's important to highlight where this project started just a year ago to where it is today. In a weird way, this project made so much initial progress due to COVID-19 reducing my consulting work and giving me more free time to work on it as a side project.

Since Open Sourcing the project, we've had contributions from the community above and beyond my technical ability which have made MBBSEmu even better for everyone! We've had issue reports from many folks and great discussions in our Discord about not only MBBSEmu development but also Modules we love.

I think it's important that MBBSEmu move on to the next phase of its maturity as a community owned, Open Source project. For this reason, I'm closing this Patreon.

The direct financial support from our community of Patreon backers has helped kickstart this project, cover the cost of development tools, hosting costs, and keep me personally engaged as to not let everyone down! BUT – since the project has moved to an Open Source model, the updates to this Patreon have become almost me reporting on great improvements our community members are making, not just me.

MBBSEmu was never about me. It was about the community and building something that would help keep these games we love alive for years to come. The community has indeed stepped up and have made MBBSEmu theirs, not just mine. I'm hopeful between MBBSEmu and the renewed efforts at The MajorBBS Restoration Project, our small community of enthusiasts will have more options at our fingertips then we've ever had before when it comes to playing some great modules we all fondly remember.

This isn't a FINAL farewell by any stretch. I'll post regular updates directly to the MBBSEmu Website in a forthcoming “News” section to keep everyone who isn't in the weeds on the GitHub progress on exciting updates to MBBSEmu! Additionally, I will continue to personally work on the project along with our community members.

I want to personally say THANK YOU to everyone who has continued to support this project over the past year. It has been a wild ride with many ups, downs, two steps forward, one step back, but in the end I think we've created something really incredible with still more to come!

And as always, you can join the conversation by joining our Discord Server! 😊

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