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MBBSEmu - Frequently Asks Questions

Can MBBSEmu play legally Registered MajorBBS/Worldgroup Modules?

Yes! If you have purchased a Module from an ISV in the past, it's easy to Register and play them once again with MBBSEmu!

First, you need to input your MajorBBS/Worldgroup Registration Number in the appconfig.json value GSBL.BTURNO. This is an eight-digit numeric value included with your MajorBBS/Wordlgroup installation. It's also available on the “About” tab within MajorBBS/Worldgroup.

Second, you need to input your module's activation/registration code in the correct setting with the module's `MSG` file.

If you've done these two steps correctly, you'll be able to play Registered versions of games you have previously purchased.

Will MBBSEmu let me Register or Crack MajorBBS/Worldgroup Modules I don't own?

No. MBBSEmu doesn't allow you to bypass any registration mechanisms within modules. Modules are emulated exactly as they would be running on an actual instance of MajorBBS or Worldgroup, including their registration routines.

Can I host Files/Forums/Message Networks in MBBSEmu?

No. MBBSEmu is simply an Emulator for MajorBBS and Worldgroup Modules, not BBS Software. If you're looking to run a fully featured Bulletin Board System, we recommend you run Mystic or Synchronet and set them up to Rlogin into MBBSEmu for the MajorBBS/Worldgroup Modules you'd like to play.

How do I run multiple Modules?

Multiple modules can be loaded at runtime using a Module Configuration JSON File and the -C <jsonFile> command line switch.

Here is an example of a Module Configuration JSON file:

    "Modules": [
        "Identifier": "HVSXROAD",
        "Path": "c:\\dos\\modules\\xroads\\"
        "Identifier": "LUNATIX",
        "Path": "c:\\dos\\modules\\lunatix\\"
        "Identifier": "RTSLORD",
        "Path": "c:\\dos\\modules\\rtslord\\"
        "Identifier": "GWWARROW",
        "Path": "c:\\dos\\modules\\archery\\"
        "Identifier": "DIALCHAT",
        "Path": "c:\\dos\\modules\\dialchat\\"

Can MBBSEmu games be played from Mystic/Syncrhonet BBS?

Yes! MBBSEmu supports Rlogin both into the MBBSEmu Main Menu as well as directly into each individual module loaded. The Rlogin options are configurable the following options in the <b>appconfig.json</b> file:

"Rlogin.Enabled": "True",
"Rlogin.Port": "513",
"Rlogin.RemoteIP": "",
"Rlogin.PortPerModule": "True",

Can MBBSEmu run within a Docker container?

Yes! A community member has taken the time to setup a Dockerfile for MBBSEmu which will allow you to run it within Docker! You can check out his repo on GitHub.

Does MBBSEmu need to run as sudo/Administrator?

Yes, depending. On modern operating systems, if an application wants to bind to a port number less than 1024, the application must be running with elevated privileges. For this reason, if you want MBBSEmu listening on Port 23 (Telnet) or Port 512 (Rlogin), it will need to run with elevated privileges.

This isn't a limitation within MBBSEmu, but a security policy within the Operating Systems.

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