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Current ISV: Metropolis Gameport

Original ISV: West Coast Creations


MajorMUD is an interactive, text-based adventure game which evolves around puzzle solving and character building. The game begins in the city of NewHaven, set on the far West side of the MajorMUD world. From NewHaven, users progress to the town of Silvermere, a city under siege from within it's walls.

Users start by choosing one of several races, and one of many classes. Their character then becomes an adventurer in the Realm, each with special skills and abilities. Beginning in the city of NewHaven, with little money, no weapon, and no equipment, the user is free to try to advance his character and make his fortune.

Users advancement happens many ways. A user can fight his way through hordes of monsters, or traverse the realm looking for puzzles to solve and wealth to find.

Known Issues

Screen Shots

MajorMUD menu



Version Compatibility
The MajorBBS 6.25  APIs used by MajorMUD are not supported by The MajorBBS!
Worldgroup 1.0  APIs used by MajorMUD are supported by Worldgroup 1.0!
Worldgroup 2.0  APIs used by MajorMUD are supported by Worldgroup 2.0!
MBBSEmu  APIs used by MajorMUD are supported by MBBSEmu!

Installation Notes

  • Default configuration requires accounts to have “USER” key – more info

MBBSEmu development notes

Notes, tips, and tricks used by the MBBSEmu development team testing MajorMUD

In-game sysop editing player exp and level

  1. add this line to WCCMMUD.INI
  3. Make sure the account you are using has SYSOP and WCCSYSOP keys
  4. Enter the MUD
  7. (I think this affects all users btw)

(From user synactic in MBBSEmu Discord, #development channel, Jan 7 2022)

In-game sysop testing room

With tweaks enabled, you can do SYS E 238 1 and it takes you to a special room where you can mess with exp and such.

(From user synactic in MBBSEmu Discord, #development channel, Jan 8 2022)

MajorMUD btrieve table structure

Kyau's tips, tricks, sysop commands, hex edits, etc

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