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modules.json Config File

While MBBSEmu allows you to run a single Module from the command line, using a modules.json file allows you to specify any number of modules to be loaded when you run MBBSEmu. You can specify a modules.json file using the -C <fileName> command line switch.

The modules.json file is a simple JSON file that lists an array of modules with their Identifier and Path

Identifier: This is the unique name given to the MajorBBS/Worldgroup module. This is usually the DLL name (Example: TSGARN)

Path: This is the absolute path on the file system to the folder containing the module (Example: c:\\dos\\modules\\telearena\\). Using this path variable, modules can now live in their own folders vs. having to all be installed in a single directory as MajorBBS/Worldgroup required.

MenuOptionKey: MBBSEmu will specify a default value for each module that can be entered at the main menu. If you want to use a custom value for a module (such as T for Tele-Arena), you can specify it using this option. (Modules with Duplicate MenuOptionKey values will be ignored, A-Z or 0-9 accepted)

Enabled: 1 = “true” and is default, which enables the module. 0 = “false” and will load the module in a disabled state – this can be enabled using the sysop commands “/sys enable <moduleid>”

Patch: As of PR #502, MBBSEmu has implemented SoftPatch support which allows you to apply custom hex edits/string edits directly to a module on load without having to make any modifications to the module DLL file.

Note: Because the file is JSON, on Windows platforms you must escape the backslash in the path with \\\\ (See Below)

Example File

  "Modules": [
      "Identifier": "EXAMPLE1",
      "Path": "c:\\bbsv6\\"
      "Identifier": "EXAMPLE2",
      "Path": "c:\\bbsv6\\",
      "MenuOptionKey": "E"
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