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Muinet Entertainment


Muinet, a significant player in the early online gaming world, was formed from the roots of the MERITSS Underground Information Network, or “Muinet” (pronounced MOY-NET). It began as an idea among friends and evolved into a notable entity in the realm of BBS (Bulletin Board System) gaming. The company's journey was intertwined with the evolution of computer technology and gaming, starting from simple mainframe games to sophisticated multi-user games.

Muinet's initial foray into gaming was marked by the creation of “The Realm of Angmar,” a game developed by the company's founder on the MERITSS system. This success led to the formation of Muinet and the launch of their for-profit BBS, using “Angmar” as its centerpiece. This BBS was initially a Unix-based system, hosting games that included “Lords of Cyberspace,” “Galactic Conquest,” and “Swords of Chaos,” among others. These games were primarily multiuser, text-based adventures, reflecting the limitations and style of early online gaming.

The company's transition to the MajorBBS platform marked a significant shift. Muinet adapted “The Realm of Angmar” for MajorBBS, renaming it “Swords of Chaos.” This move proved successful, with “Swords of Chaos” becoming a popular game in the BBS community. The success of this game helped Muinet gain a stronger foothold in the market.

However, the rise of the internet and the decline of traditional BBS systems in the late 1990s posed challenges for Muinet. While the company tried adapting to these changes, including the development of new games like “Lords of Cyberspace,” the shifting landscape of online gaming and the decline of BBS popularity led to dwindling success. Eventually, Muinet's operations wound down, and its rights were sold off, marking the end of an era for the company.



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