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Below are links to external sites which are unaffiliated with The MajorBBS Emulation Project, but contain content which should help people looking to setup their own Major BBS Instance or run their favorite BBS game from the 90s:

  • MAJORBBS.LOL – Online Keygen/Activation Code Generator for many DOS Major BBS Modules
  • Tele-Arena Shrine – Archive of Tele-Arena resources including maps, guides, tips, tricks, and everything you could ever need related to Tele-Arena!
  • Scovetta Archives – Browser Accessible archive of well known Major BBS/Worldgroup collections from yohan, gwart and others hosted by Michael Scovetta
  • BHZ Skeleton Module for MajorBBS v6.x – Skeleton Module that developers can use as a starting point for writing their own module that will work in MBBSEmu and The MajorBBS 6.25/WG2 for DOS. Includes setup guide and extensive documentation on how to compile the module.
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