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Command Line Arguments

Below are the available command line options supported by the latest Release of MBBSEmu:

-? : Help Screen

-C <modulesConfig> : modules.json file used to load multiple modules at runtime (More Info: appsettings.json)

Note: Specifying -C will result in -M and -P being ignored.

-M <moduleIdentifier> : Module Identifier (Overrides -C)

-P <modulePath> : Path To Module (Overrides -C)

-K <menukey> : Menu Option Key (A-Z, Overrides -C)

-S <appSettings> : Override default “appsettings.json” file name / location

-CONSOLE : Play locally on the console without having to Telnet! If you have it configured, MBBSEmu will still start the `Telnet` and `Rlogin` services in the background when you use the `-CONSOLE` option allowing your friends to join in as well. When you “Log Off”, MBBSEmu will exit.

-APIREPORT : Generates a JSON report file (`moduleIdentifier_api.json`) of the Imported Methods enumerated in the DLL's Imported Name Table. This helps identify APIs that MBBSEmu might be missing in libraries such as MAJORBBS, GSBL, PHAPI, etc.

-DBRESET <password> : Resets the MBBSEmu SQLite database to a fresh state (only sysop, guest user) and sets the sysop password to the specified password. If a password is not specified, the user will be prompted to enter a new one before MBBSEmu starts.

-DBREBUILD <database> : In the off chance you accidentally delete an MBBSEmu SQLite Database or it becomes corrupt, you can rebuild certain database files that are generated on first run. The currently only supported database for this command is BBSUSR

-PWRESET <password> : Resets the Sysop password within MBBSEmu without resetting the underlying system databases.

-CLI : Puts MBBSEmu into “CLI” mode, bypassing the GUI and outputting all log information to the console window. This option is for folks who want to run MBBSEmu as a system service on Linux/macOS, or those who just don't like GUI's :-P

-V : Displays the MBBSEmu Version Information

Example Command Lines

./MBBSEmu -M TSGARN -P c:\bbsv6\ -dbreset secret

./MBBSEmu -C myModules.json

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