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Command Line Arguments

Below are the available command line options in MBBSEmu and their definitions.

-? : Help Screen

-C <modulesConfig> : modules.json file used to load multiple modules at runtime (More Info: appsettings.json)

Note: Specifying -C will result in -M and -P being ignored.

-M <moduleIdentifier> : Module Identifier (Overrides -C)

-P <modulePath> : Path To Module (Overrides -C)

-K <menukey> : Menu Option Key (A-Z, Overrides -C)

-S <appSettings> : Override default “appsettings.json” file name / location

-CONSOLE : Play locally on the console without having to Telnet! If you have it configured, MBBSEmu will still start the `Telnet` and `Rlogin` services in the background when you use the `-CONSOLE` option allowing your friends to join in as well. When you “Log Off”, MBBSEmu will exit.

-APIREPORT : Generates a JSON report file (`moduleIdentifier_api.json`) of the Imported Methods enumerated in the DLL's Imported Name Table. This helps identify APIs that MBBSEmu might be missing in libraries such as MAJORBBS, GSBL, PHAPI, etc.

-DBRESET <password> : Resets the MBBSEmu SQLite database to a fresh state (only sysop, guest user) and sets the sysop password to the specified password. If a password is not specified, the user will be prompted to enter a new one before MBBSEmu starts.

Example Command Lines

./MBBSEmu -M TSGARN -P c:\bbsv6\ -dbreset secret

./MBBSEmu -C myModules.json

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