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08/17/20 - Emulator Progress

Hey Folks! Wow – has it been only a week since we Open Sourced MBBSEmu? The past week has been busy to be sure, but we have some great updates to share!

But first I want to thank the folks who have stuck around either by changing their Patreon Tier or staying at their current level. The community's continued support of this project speaks volume as to the value and

I'm so excited about what we're going to accomplish 😀


Lots of work this past week on the underlying emulation layer was focused around Mutants! and Btrieve. This past week we had a bug report that a fix for Mutants, while it fixed the rooms loading properly, Monsters and Items were still missing their names!

Mutants! for The Major BBS not working properly

After digging into the code, we were able to isolate the issue to how Monsters and Items were being loaded incorrectly due to a bug in the Btrieve GetNext operation, where it would load the first record and then bail. Only one monster and one item in the game? Good luck finding it! 😛

After fixing that bug and one other related to a missing API call, Mutants! is now is pretty good working order!

Mutants! for The Major BBS working properly in MBBSEmu

Big shout-out to @tuday for all his testing and patience!

Our Community of Developers

This past week has also seen huge contributions from the MBBSEmu development community. Just to list a few:

Many thanks to @paladine and @fletcherm for not only the work over the past week but your continued contribution.

If you're a C# hacker and want to help out with the cause, head on over to the MBBSEmu GitHub and lend a hand!

Website Updates & GitHub Wiki

Since Open Sourcing MBBSEmu, I've spent a lot of time working on updating the main website. Some of the more interesting updates include:

  • Up-to-the-Minute Builds from out Automatic Build System (for all platforms)
  • Updating the documentation to reflect it as being Open Source
  • Providing a Link to the GitHub Releases Page

Additionally, I've started to put more information into the GitHub Wiki for MBBSEmu on more advanced topics, as well as more in-depth product help and documentation. The goal is to help get more information about MBBS/WG development out there to more people.

One example is the article I wrote yesterday on Debugging a Module within MBBSEmu, which covers both going through the disassembly as well as looking into the API calls. You can check that out here: Link (warning, it might read like Stereo instructions 😉)

In the coming week I hope to have more information online including details I've been able to reverse engineer on the Btrieve .DAT file format, and more! So check back often!

For the Road

This past week has been busy, but it has been the culmination of a long journey. I sincerely hope in the coming weeks to put enough knowledge online and help get people familiar with the code base that we can truly build something awesome as a community, together.

ps: That MajorMUD issue is open if anyone wants to pick it up 😜😜

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