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Welcome to the MajorBBS Emulation Project Wiki!

The MajorBBS Emulation Project is home to MBBSEmu which is the world's first Free, Open Source, self-contained, cross-platform emulator for Galacticomm's The MajorBBS and Worldgroup Bulletin Board Software Add-ons.

Our Goal for The MajorBBS Emulation Project is to provide an easy, intuitive method for not only Sysops to provide access to MajorBBS & Worldgroup Modules to their users on any platform, but for an individual single player to be able to locally play their favorite MajorBBS & Worldgroup Modules without having to setup an entire BBS.

MBBSEmu can easily run in Windows, Linux, and OSX on 32-Bit, 64-Bit, and even ARM platforms! This means MBBSEmu is fast, flexible, and efficient enough to allow you to run your favorite MajorBBS & Worldgroup Modules from hardware as simple as a Raspberry Pi!

MBBSEmu allows you to choose how you would like to play your favorite Major BBS & Worldgroup games quickly and easily:

  • Local Console: Play locally in your command terminal without any additional software
  • Telnet: You and other players can connect via your preferred Telnet software
  • Rlogin: Provide direct access to Major BBS & Worldgroup Modules from your favorite BBS Software

On our Wiki you will be able to find tons of history and information related to The MajorBBS, Worldgroup, Galacticomm, and the many ISV's which produced add-on modules. Additionally you will also find information on:

Please check out the menu to the left for the currently available Wiki Documents.

Check back frequently for updates as we're constantly curating and updating our Wiki!

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