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The Rose Council of Guardians (RCIROSE)

Current ISV: Metropolis Gameport

Previous ISV: Runtime Computing


Welcome to the realms of Corinthia! After many years of strife the six races have settled their differences and now enjoy a time of great prosperity and happiness. To insure the continued peace and stability of the realms, it has come to pass that a Council of Guardians shall watch over the land, protecting it and ensuring it's continued prosperity and growth. Your goal as a young adventurer is to prove yourself worthy of membership in The Council of Guardians.

The game you are about to play is medieval fantasy role playing in the tradition of paper and dice oriented role playing games such as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons(TM) and White Wolf(TM). In these games, the output of events and actions which you perform is governed through the roll of the dice. The Rose works much in the same manner except the calculations are computer based. You create a character based on what you feel will help you survive and prosper in this magical and dangerous realm. Each character has varying levels of proficiency in different areas of life. Some players are stronger fighters, while others are more intelligent. While your character develops experience you are given the chance to increase your level of proficiency in many different arts, thus shaping your alter-ego to your will.

In Corinthia there exist six races: the elves, the humans, the dwarves, the fairfolk (much akin to Leprechauns), the giants and the gnomes. Each race has varying levels of physical and mental quality. For example while the giants are stronger than the gnomes, the gnomes are much more dexterous than the giants. There are six walks of life or professions that your character may hail from: warrior, scholar, gypsy, priest, mage and archetypical. Each of these walks of life has it's strengths and weaknesses. For example, the mage may cast spells from the sphere of force more aptly than they will wield a longsword in combat. Unlike many role playing systems, where your character class or walk of life forces you to use only certain abilities (for example, warriors may only engage in combat and may not cast spells), The Rose allows you to train any proficiency you wish to train. There is of course a catch. Certain walks of life will learn certain proficiencies faster and more economically than others. For example, the warrior will learn the “melee combat” proficiency faster and cheaper than he will learn the “Sphere of Life” proficiency. Improving your proficiencies is essential to survival and gameplay. To train a proficiency you will spend some “development” points but first must find the proper place to learn.

Known Issues

Screen Shots

The Rose Council of Guardians welcome screen
The Rose Council of Guardians character creation
The Rose Council of Guardians gameplay



Version Compatibility
The MajorBBS 6.25  APIs used by The Rose Council of Guardians are supported by The MajorBBS!
Worldgroup 1.0  APIs used by The Rose Council of Guardians are supported by Worldgroup 1.0!
Worldgroup 2.0  APIs used by The Rose Council of Guardians are supported by Worldgroup 2.0!
MBBSEmu  APIs used by The Rose Council of Guardians are not supported by MBBSEmu!
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