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Galactic Empire (MBMGEMP)


It is 3250 in the standard year, 975 years since man has developed inter-planetary space navigation, and 412 years since neutron flux warp technology was perfected by the ship builders of Zygor. They currently lead the industry with the state of the art ships and weapons systems.

These are good times where a commander with a good ship and some business sense can make himself very very rich. Many of the planets in the known universe are ideal for basing industries to supply the demands of the interstellar fleet. These are also times when the less scrupulous commanders can overrun a distant settlement and claim the planet for his own. It is not a good idea to leave a distant settlement unprotected and the Galactic Command (an ad hoc legal body) recommends that commanders check up on their colonists regularly.

Once you have secured your ship, it is yours to command and keep maintained. The Zygorians will outfit you with enough supplies to get you started but you will surely run out if you encounter any rouge ships. The Galactic Command recommends you find and settle some planets immediately to secure a supply source for your ship. Or you can purchase supplies from other commanders with whom you have established trade agreements.

The object of the game is to build and maintain as large an empire as you can sustain, using any means you find appropriate. You can do this by yourself or with a team of other players. Your System Operator will inform you of the prizes and awards for becoming the top player(s) in the game.

Good luck and beware the dreaded Cybertrons at all cost.

Known Issues

Screen Shots

Galactic Empire welcome screen
Galactic Empire gameplay



Version Compatibility
The MajorBBS 6.25  APIs used by Galactic Empire are supported by The MajorBBS!
Worldgroup 1.0  APIs used by Galactic Empire are supported by Worldgroup 1.0!!
Worldgroup 2.0  APIs used by Galactic Empire are supported by Worldgroup 2.0!
MBBSEmu  APIs used by Galactic Empire are supported by MBBSEmu!
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