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Archery (GWWARROW)


Welcome to the world of fast action games over the modem. Archery takes on-line gaming to new levels. All our games are fully RIPped so we would suggest getting RIPterm to play them. Although they are fully functional in ANSI as well. We have tried to keep the game simple and fun to play.

All you have to do in the game is get a higher score than all the other players. What happens during the game is a target will be moving across the top of the screen. You have to fire the arrow so it gets as close to the center of the target as possible. This should be simple enough, but there is a wind you have to watch that will make your arrow move +-4 to the left or right. You also have to get your shot off quickly because the target will only pass you by 4 times. If you don't fire in that time the shot will launch itself. The shot will be worthless then. So you may want a perfect shot, but you won't always get one.

Archery can be played a variety of ways depending on how your Sysop set it up. So I won't go into detail about them. What I would suggest is that you go into the game and check it out. One little thing I might warn you about is the game can be very addictive. Have fun, and happy shooting! Good Luck!

Screen Shots

Archery menu
Archery gameplay



Version Compatibility
The MajorBBS 6.25  APIs used by Archery are supported by The MajorBBS!
Worldgroup 1.0  APIs used by Archery are supported by Worldgroup 1.0!
Worldgroup 2.0  APIs used by Archery are supported by Worldgroup 2.0!
MBBSEmu  APIs used by Archery are supported by MBBSEmu!
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