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Fazuul (GALFAZ)


You have arrived on FAZUUL, a lush pleasure planet discovered years ago by a number of shipwrecked space captains. At the time of its discovery, FAZUUL was a harsh, forbidding world of intense dry heat and endless rolling sand dunes. Now, however, through the miracles of kwish-age engineering, FAZUUL has been transformed into a beautiful leisure paradise, fully equipped with all of the essentials of the up-to-date resort planet.

Due to a quantum fluctuation of the void, however, the entire tourist mass transit system on FAZUUL has been incapacitated. Vacationers can beam in but they can't beam back out!

Or can they? As a marooned vacationer on this paradise planet, you and your fellow marooned vacationers may be able to figure out the alien technology lying around, pool your resources and knowledge, and find a way to escape. Or, if you like, you can spend your time playing the various Galactic games that have been installed as part of the resort's facilities, such as Foon-Ball and Umflungoo. Or, you are free to just explore around, talk with other players, fight with them, or whatever you like!

Screen Shots

Fazuul welcome screen
Fazuul entrance room
Fazuul help screen



Version Compatibility
The MajorBBS 6.25  APIs used by Fazuul are supported by The MajorBBS!
Worldgroup 1.0  APIs used by Fazuul are supported by Worldgroup 1.0!
Worldgroup 2.0  APIs used by Fazuul are supported by Worldgroup 2.0!
MBBSEmu  APIs used by Fazuulare supported by MBBSEmu!
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