The Forbidden Lands Book II: The Vale of Grimyre (CPTGRIM)


In a far off place, a world beyond this time and dimension, is a place we call the Forbidden Lands. This world is huge, many times the size of our own. On it, the art of magic was never lost, as on our own world, and men and women of power walk the land. The elder races still exist here. Dwarves, elves, gnomes and more live side by side with humans.

Monsters too dwell here. From the smallest orc to the largest of ancient dragons, creatures out of our own legends abound. Technology was never developed in the Lands. Indeed, there have been attempts to build simple machinery, such as the block and tackle, to aid in heavy labor. But all such experiments fail. It is said that the gods will not allow these advancements to be made, having seen how such things have laid many other worlds to waste.

True or not, it is a fact of life that the gods of the Forbidden Lands take an active role in its day to day existence. They frequently manifest themselves to their followers, giving aid to those clerics that give them fealty. No less than a century ago was the last great war of the gods, when good fought evil to a standstill, but could not overcome it. Now there is an uneasy balance between the gods. Alian the Good and Xyntrix, called Blackheart, agreed to let their followers fight for them, rather than risk tearing the world apart in godly conflict. Thus, clerics wander cautiously across the Lands, ever alert to attacks by the followers of another god.

Magic-users too have come to blows recently. Those of lawful good alignment heard recently of the death of Verituge, Archmage of Resla. There was a mass exodus of magic-users to Resla, for it had been rumored that Verituge had finally discovered the lost Rune of Transmigration, the key to immortality. But when they arrived at the Archmage's palace, it lay in ruins. Evidence pointed to the Black Wizards, a group of chaotic evil magic-users who had opposed Verituge his entire life. In life, they had never been able to break his wards that protected his palace. But once dead, the wards had fallen and they had ransacked Verituge's home. Whether they found the Rune or not is unknown. But the fact that these evil men had desecrated the palace of the Archmage sent the white mages into a fury. They have vowed to seek out the Black Wizards and destroy them one by one.

There is a rumor that some fighters have been trying to learn the use of both magic and clerical prayer. Clerics and magic-users alike at first responded to this rumor with derision, but lately have begun to express outrage at the perceived encroachment on their powers. A fighter called Chanivon recently fought a magic-user, Actyst of Vantator Isle and won, something unheard of not too long ago. Fighters who study the magical arts had best travel cautiously.

The Vale of Grimyre is a legend even in the Forbidden Lands. Ancient beyond reckoning, it is said to hold secrets and treasures beyond your wildest dreams. Those who journey to the Vale, and live to return, tell of a great valley dug into the face of the world, where strange creatures dwell, and stranger people live out their lives. They tell of towns and villages built in the midst of monster-riddled warrens, safe behind magical wards. And they speak of riches to be had; gold, magical potions and weapons and more. But those who survive the journey are marked by their deed. They have lived through adventures undreamed of by mere mortals and seem to have a radiance all their own. No sooner are they returned from the Vale than they are off again. Ordinary life holds no interest for them. Instead, adventure and deeds of valor are what they live for now.

May your journey to the Vale be as rewarding. Good hunting!

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