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9/27/20 - Emulator Progress

Hey Folks! I apologize for the delay between updates, as mentioned in a previous post my life has got a little busier outside of MBBSEmu (more on that later in this post), but also there has been SO MUCH going on with MBBSEmu as well! So let's get into it!

Development Progress

I just tagged a new Release today which has 29 closed Pull Requests in it from multiple members of our community! It's a really exciting time for the project, there's so much going on. Nothing I think exemplifies the progress MBBSEmu has made to date than the following Screen Shot from one of our contributors while testing various Modules on MBBSEmu:

 MBBSEmu Supporting up to 30 Major BBS Modules 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

If you would have asked me nine months ago if I would have ever thought I'd see MBBEmu hosting 30 modules I would have laughed! This is really a testament to the entire community of testers and our contributors. The more testing we do and the more people contribute on the source code side of things, the longer this list will get!

We're tackling development on multiple fronts:

  • Adding support for new Ordinals & Opcodes
  • Going back and Writing Automated Tests for the Ordinals & Opcodes that are already implemented
  • Refactoring and Fixing Ordinals based on the results of those tests

Since Open Sourcing MBBSEmu, we've had 92 issues reported on GitHub with over 60 closed, 33 of them closed in the past month! So thank you again to the folks who are giving MBBSEmu a whirl and reporting issues they run into.

To stay up to the minute on Development and Updates, feel free to join the Project's Discord Server! On top of friendly chat and development help, we also have a dedicated channel to play EPIC RPG 🤓

Personal Life Update

As mentioned a couple months ago, this past week has been very busy for my Wife & I as we welcomed our new puppy home!

 Our new Pug Abigail Nusbaum

Abigail is a 4-month old Pug, and is just about the cutest thing on the planet. The first couple weeks of puppy life is similar to bringing home a newborn, so it has consumed a ton of my time. Hopefully in the next couple weeks we'll establish a more regular routine and I'll be able to get more time back, but we'll see 😉

Thank you everyone for your continued support of this project! ❤️

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