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9/9/20 - Emulator Progress

Greetings MBBSEmu Patreon Fam, and welcome to our newest Patrons! Your support of this project is sincerely appreciated and as always, I'm very excited to share a summary of the latest updates to the project!

Open Source Milestone

Today the project passed a pretty awesome milestone: Pull Request #100 was created! Since the inception of the project we've had bug reports and contributions from several community members and it has been great! MBBSEmu has made more progress over the past month and I feel it had during the previous three, so the move to Open Source has been a resounding success✨

Just to call out a couple great pull requests from the community made recently:

Following up the previous update on testing, PR #92 brings our number of Automated Unit Tests up to 247 and our code coverage up to 26.66%!

If you would like to help in the development of MBBSEmu but aren't sure where to start, join The MajorBBS Emulation Project Discord and drop into the #development channel! We've got a friendly group of people there to answer any questions you might have to help you get started. 🤓

New Modules Supported

With all the work the community has been putting in on MBBSEmu, additional modules are now better supported on MBBSEmu thanks to issues reported by the community, including:

  • Infinity Complex
  • T-LORD (100% API Coverage!)
  • Forbidden Lands 1, 2, and 3
  • Yahtzee
  • Warlords of Order & Chaos
  • … and more!

I'm working on getting the additional modules listed on the MBBSEmu website so users can quickly and easily download them without having to hassle with 16-bit DOS installers.

Modules that are going to be the most difficult to support are going to be the ones which rely on low-level optimizations or more advanced Phar Lap driver usage. For example, the above mentioned Pull Request deals with the game Galactic Empire (which is Open Sourced on GitHub!).

Galactic Empire used Phar Lap's 286/DOS-Extender (PHAPI) to actually directly interact with the Btireve driver (loaded by running BTRIEVE from the command prompt) through Interrupts, in addition to using Real-Mode memory allocations to protect the registration routine.

While this type of usage is uncommon, it's an example of some of the more challenging technical bridges we'll need to cross in the development of MBBSEmu beyond adding missing Ordinals 😉

Help With Testing

The more people we have testing a wider range of modules, the better! We already have a great list of Issues reported by the community on some modules I've never even heard of before!

If there's a module you'd love to test but aren't able to locate a copy, let us know! While I'm working to post more modules to the website, we still have a ton of shareware copies of modules that aren't on there that we're happy to send to anyone willing to test 😄

Patreon & Discord Updates

I've integrated Patreon with The MajorBBS Emulation Project Discord. This means Patrons who have their account linked to Discord will be given custom titles on the project Discord Server to denote your support of the project!

These titles include:

  • Patreon OG - If you're supporting the project on one of the “retired” Patreon Tiers
  • Patreon Rockstar - If you're supporting the project on one of the new tiers

They should take effect starting October 1st!

For The Road

Nothing demonstrates the past month of MBBSEmu development better than this graph from GitHub: The MajorBBS Emulation Project GitHub Activity


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